Monday, 15 April 2013

It's been awhile...

It's been quite some time since this blog was active (several years actually). It also seems that I've lost the old posts when I shut the blog down last time, so it's a fresh start.

For those that knew Effacy, it's no longer.  I started winding it down several years ago (when this blog was first opened) to focus on non-dollor-for-hour work.  In that time I've kicked off a few ventures with varying success.

Starting with Simplar this was most definitely a first attempt in building a product company.  For a number of reasons (which may be the topic of another post) we didn't find the funding needed to pursue the original concept - which is possibly a good thing (it was a bit bold).  Anyhow, it has been placed in stasis awaiting a new lease on life and who knows what will happen with it (incidentally its also the subject of a trademark dispute - another post in the waiting).

Midas Infomedia proved to be somewhat more successful - at least commercially.  We managed to acquire Air NZ, ACC and SCC as clients (among others).  I eventually chose to exit with a few more lessons under my belt and focus my efforts on a new idea that I had been working on for awhile - Trustworks - while helping the team out at one of my first startups Run The Red (that ones going back over 10 years now).

At Run The Red I met Nigel Keats and along with Andrew Finch we founded and funded Trustworks. Hamish Edwards came along as Chairman and brings a wealth of talent from his experience setting up Xero.  The concept is simple, well defined and achievable (all good things when it comes to a startup) with a viable business model (also quite useful).  We're not far off from launching so I'll provide an update then.

Aside from that I've played around a little in the FOREX space with a couple of chaps (which is doing quite well) and brought into play my Mathematics background with Nigel on a data analysis venture we've dubbed Real Intelligence (ROI analysis and optimisation for media and marketing spend).  All in all its been quite an interesting year.

So enough about the past and onto the question of "why a blog?"  Simple enough - I've learned a number of things over the years, from legal matters to funding, that could be useful to others in the startup game.  Over the next while I plan to jot down some of these observations along with any new ones that come up from time to time.  Hopefully they are found useful.

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