A little about Jeremy (me).  I was born and bred in Wellington, New Zealand and spent five years in New Orleans (USA) doing a PhD in Mathematics at Tulane University (not that a lot was achieved in those first few years) under a Fulbright Scholarship.  Having completed that, and despite having offers for work, I was routed back to NZ under the terms of the visa attached to the scholarship (first lesson: read the fine print).  Unfortunately my best academic opportunity was a below-minimum-wage post-doc position which pretty much sealed my fate and I moved into the private sector.

Along with a (supposedly) experienced businessman (second lesson: one may talk-the-talk but that doesn't mean one can walk-the-walk) I setup up my first software venture.  That needlessly said failed, but did convey a number of very useful experiences.  From there I founded Run The Red with a few colourful characters and that ended up doing quite well (it is now the leading mobile messaging company in the country).  I exited a few years later to try my hand at the services game (Effacy).  This was ultimately not satisfying and I realised by passion was product.  This involved stoking the flames of a few startups with varied success and a fantastic suite of lessons learned on the way.

Recently I've consulted back to Run The Red to help refocus the business (which was very successful) while kicking off and raising capital for a new venture (Trustworks) and reinvigorated my previously squandered Mathematical background in a boutique data analysis consultancy (Real Intelligence).